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Why sell your house with BriaryHomes?

It’s estimated over 90% of buyers look online to find their next property. By focusing our resources in this area, it’s possible to effectively market your property to large numbers of potential buyers in an extremely efficient way.

At we believe that by operating as an Internet based Estate Agent it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of delivering the service you require, while still maintaining quality. We also strongly believe that these savings should be reflected in the amount you pay.

Nationally, traditional estate agent fees are on average 1.8% of a property sale. On a £120,000 property (the average value of a property on Consett) that equates to £2,160. Even if you get a ‘good deal’ and pay ‘only’ 1%  this would result in a fee of £1,200 on a similar £120,000 property. This is a huge sum when you consider the actual service you receive.

At we believe in providing a service that is friendly, professional and excellent value. With this in mind our fees are on a flat rate, based on the service being provided and not on the value of your property.

Our fees also reflect the amount of work you are prepared to do yourself. So if you are able to prepare the details for your property listing, take the photographs and carry out viewings, the fee you pay is less than if you would like us to do those on your behalf. However, regardless of the option you choose we are confident that the fees we charge will be significantly less than those charged traditional agents.

How much could you save?

1 Our Property Sales - Standard service fee is just £299 plus £49 every 4 weeks with nothing to pay on completion. For the above comparison we have assumed the property was on the market for 6 months. This would result in a total fee of only £544 calculated as £299 for the first month plus 5 months at £49. The actual saving could be more or less than than the amounts shown depending on the actual rates you could obtain from alternative agents and how long the property is marketed.

If you would now like to list your property with us or if you have any queries please Contact Us.

Property Value

1% Traditional Fee plus 20% VAT

Property Sales - Standard1 No VAT





















in Agents Fees


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Excellent Local and National Marketing where people are actually looking The more you do the more you save Great Local Service with Online Prices Fixed Fees based on the service you receive and not % of the value of your home very low overheads and those savings are passed on to you You can save £’000’s

A Fixed Price Estate Agency

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