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How to sell your house with BriaryHomes:

Choose Selling Option

We offer a range of selling options to suit your service and budget requirements. Simply instruct us which service options along with any optional extras you would like us to provide.

Approval of your property advertisement

We will notify you via email when your property details are ready. We will send you an email of your draft property advertisement where you can make any amendments and confirm your approval.

Managing enquiries

We will manage enquiries from local marketing and your national agent will manage enquiries coming from national marketing. Details of all enquiries from potential buyers either by text, email or telephone will be promptly passed on to you by email. Your contact details are passed on to the interested party so they can contact you direct to arrange a mutually convenient time for a viewing.

Placing your property on the market

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool an estate agent has at its disposal to maximise exposure for your property. For this reason we will identify an independent national online agent for you to appoint to ensure that your property gets maximum exposure with all the main property portals.  

We will market your property locally by including it on the website and installing one of our ‘For Sale’ boards at your property .

Book BriaryHomes visit

Once you have instructed to sell your property we will contact you to arrange your home visit.

If you have chosen our basic Property Sales option:

Prior to our visit we will email you a template for you to use to produce the property details along with guidance on how that should be done.

You complete the property details template and take relevant photographs for use in your property listing.

The home visit is then our opportunity to go through the property particulars and photographs you have produced to ensure that they fairly reflect the property.

If you have chosen our Property Sales Plus option:

We will arrange for internal and external photographs and measurements to be taken for inclusion in your property listing.  

If you have requested optional extras:

You will be visited by one of our agents who will produce any EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and floor plan that has ben requested.

Following the visit:

We will produce your advertisement and email it to you for approval.

You arrange and carry out viewings

You know your property best and this is a great opportunity for you to make the viewer feel at home and answer questions they may have.

Obtaining feedback

Feedback from viewings is an essential part of the house selling process. Feedback can often help identify issues which can be addressed for subsequent visits. Depending on the source of the lead either or your national agent will contact your prospective buyer to obtain viewing feedback.

Assistance with negotiations

This stage is crucial in determining the final sale price of your property. The negotiation of your sale will be a three way exchange between you, your agent and the buyer. It’s important that when considering an offer you weigh up your own circumstances as well as those of the buyer, and seek guidance from us, which will help you ensure a successful and realistic negotiation.

Evaluation of your buyer

We carry out a full evaluation of buyers including financial, chain and money laundering checks. We ask the buyer for copies of personal identification and a mortgage ‘Offer in Principal’ or other relevant documentation. We also ask for full chain details and contact all parties involved to confirm the information given, which saves a lot of time and disappointment further down the line.

Preparation of a Memorandum of Sale

We prepare a Memorandum of Sale document including all relevant details and arrange for this to be forwarded to you, your solicitor and the buyers solicitor.

1.  Choose Selling Option

2.  Book BriaryHomes visit

3.  Approve property advertisement

4.  Place property on the market

5.  Manage enquiries

6.  You arrange and carry out viewings

7.  Obtain feedback

8.  Assist with negotiations

9.  Evaluation of your buyer

10.Prepare Memorandum of Sale

We go through each of these stages in more detail below:

See how you can sell your house through in 10 easy steps

Terms and Conditions

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